Student contract

All students need to use Canvas as their online classroom platform, Canvas will be the main source of information where students can check out the book and materials that are given by the instructor, submit the assignment, and check for the syllabus and class term. Students need to enroll on Canvas in the first week of the class term, late enrolment means that students will miss the previous assignment that has been published and collected. Most of the assignments need to be completed online, so please make sure that you bring your devices to submit your assignment.


Students cannot participate in class activities after 15 minutes without prior permission from the instructors, academic advisors, and other lecturers that require the student to stay longer in other classes. Assignments need to be submitted on time as it is automatically scheduled on Canvas, students cannot submit the assignment after the deadline is over.

Plagiarism or using AI in completing the assignment.

Although using online dictionaries is allowed, it doesn’t mean that other AI is permitted. Using Google Translate and chat GPT is not allowed, students who are using both will get a penalty in which their assignments will not be marked.

Cheating and copying other student’s assignments is also not allowed, for those who cheat or those who give the cheating sheet will both get a penalty where the assignment will not be marked.


Final grades will be given to academics not more than 4 days, in which students must complete the assignment during the final exam. Students who reach out after the grade is published by the academic is not welcome.

Additional rules will be added, and if necessary, students will be informed when that occurs.